When it comes to you or your loved one’s road to recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, there’s no better name you can trust other than Climate Alive.

Climate Alive is a privately owned residential recovery center for individuals who are in dire need of support and care while undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.

We have a complete, qualified staff who work full time to monitor and attend to every call and every need of every patient – at any hour. We have a lineup of licensed doctors, certified psychologists, and experienced therapists who are more than capable of helping the patients of Climate Alive have a long-lasting recovery.

Our rooms and facilities were specifically designed to make the patients feel at home which could play a vital role in a faster recovery. Our amenities include a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, volleyball court, and a recreational center designed to make the patients enjoy their stay.

In addition to expert staff members, Climate Alive has sophisticated equipment and tools in our treatment rooms to ensure that the patients will receive the optimum care they deserve.

Climate Alive specializes in treating individuals suffering from drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Help yourself or your loved one start their journey to sobriety today give us a call or send us an email to book an appointment.