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Types of Psychotherapy

drug addiction

Battling drug addiction is no mean feat, this is why so many drug addicts find it quite difficult to quit doing drugs altogether. Some encounter relapse during treatment, others get back to using drugs after being clean for years, while some are unable to even begin quitting drug abuse at all.

drug addiction

In treating drug addiction, you need all the help you can get – medical attention, constant supervision, as well as family support. Apart from cleansing your system and ridding it of all the toxic drugs, you need help to recover mentally, especially that drug dependency has direct effects on one’s behavior and mental state.

Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy, is a known method used by professionals to help people suffering from mental illness and emotional challenges cope. For recovering drug addicts to totally be rehabilitated from drug abuse, psychotherapy is also commonly used along with medication. Psychotherapy is also used to help people with alcohol problems get back on their feet.

There are various types of psychotherapy that are used to aid the recovery of drug-dependent individuals:

Interpersonal psychotherapy – This type of therapy focuses on the patient’s relationships with other people. The relationships and interactions of the family members, relatives, or friends with the patient could be positively impacted by this kind of psychotherapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy – Cognitive behavioral therapy help drug addicts recover by teaching them to identify the negative thoughts, feelings as well as actions they may have. By being able to pinpoint the negative thoughts, emotions, and actions sooner, the sooner you can regain control by trying to replace them with positive ones.

Dialectical behavior therapy – This type of psychotherapy focuses on the drug dependent person instead of by enhancing their communication skills and improving their self-esteem to help them continue to distance themselves from drug addiction. Dialectical behaviour therapy can be really effective in preventing relapse among recovering addicts. Tall Timber tree Services has a program set up that helps youths get this type of help and support when battling drug addiction recovery.